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When We’re Off Our A-Game

Today, I’d like to share some great advice written by a friend and role model of mine, Molli Surowiec. Last month, Molli wrote a blog post entitled “When We’re Off Our A-Game.” I stumbled upon her post this past week, at a time when I was feeling derailed and off my A-game.

Molli begins her post by saying that various things, like an especially busy workweek or a negative interaction, can throw us off.

“We all have those days, or even weeks. Knowing that, how can we return to a place of love more quickly – both with ourselves and others?” Asks Molli.

She provides three tips for “gettin’ back on track and back in the flow”:

  1. Stop. Breathe. Feel.
  2. Drop an F-bomb.
  3. Recommit.

“Drop an F-bomb”?! Molli challenges her reader to “make forgiveness your new favorite F-word” and “forgive choices that haven’t been serving you or uplifting you.” This really resonated with me.

Molli explains that forgiveness “is about releasing the past so we can return to love – and living – in the present.” It is easy to get wrapped up in negative emotions and fail to see a way to move forward. When you’re off your A-game, show yourself the compassion you deserve, be forgiving, and follow through with practices that make you feel happier and stronger.

Thank you to Molli for helping me get back on my A-game and reminding me that challenges are “really just opportunities for growth.”

Check out Molli’s website here, where you find also find awesome fitness and food inspiration!